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Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 1. Sokak No:7 Söke / AYDIN


Katma değeri yüksek yenilikçi makinalar üretmek.


Çiftçilerimizin karlı ve verimli tarım ürünleri elde etmelerini sağlamak için ilaçlama sap ve dal parçalama makinaları ile membranlı pompaları beyin ve yürek imecesiyle üretmek.

About Company

Karaoglu is a family owned business located in Soke, on the west coast of Turkey. The company is specialised in manufacturing high quality agricultural sprayers and mistblowers for plant protection. The company founder, Mehmet Hayri Karaoglu , began to work in 1926 as a craftsman in a plough production workshop. After 21 years of experience on the field, he opened his own atelier in 1947 where the story of Karaoglu was already begun. The company has produced ploughs and trailers during those years until his two son Arif and Akif Karaoglu took over the business with the aim of producing new products and expanding the market all over Turkey. The biggest change during this period has happened in the 1976 when the first agricultural sprayer was built. The development in Agricultural mechanisation allowed Karaoglu to become one of the major brand in agricultural sector in Turkey. Since 2017, our company is managed by third generation of our family members with enthusiasm to the future of agricultural world. Moreover, we keep believing the power of innovation that will bring us a step further than today. Our new production site cover 5000 m2 and we are continuously improving our production line in order to maintain innovative and cost effective solutions. Our product gamma consist different kinds of mounted and trailed atomizers (400-2000 lt), agricultural sprayers (400-5000 lt), membrane pumps and mulchers. Our membrane pumps are designed completely by our company and all parts are produced in our factory. A successful pest control can be used to achieve using minimum dosage of chemicals that may affect the environment and the nature. Due to this reason, it is very important to choose right sprayers and calibration of this equipment has a critical point during this process. In addition to our sprayers, our mulchers have also an important function in supplying nutrients into the soil. This equipment ensures nutrients into the soil by mixing plant residues after harvesting season. This application enables to the user to prevent the development of pest residues on plant for the next crop season. Through years of experience and close contacts with dealers and farmers, we continuously improve our machines to meet the wishes of our clients. Our clients are very valuable for us, for this reason we provide an excellent after-sales service for our them. We share proudly our knowledge and experience to create a maximum customer satisfaction.